Saturday, January 28, 2012

This Year's Girl - Elvis Costello

Hey. Remember that resolution post from last year? Yeah, neither do I. Oops. I didn't run that marathon, which I will blame on hip issues. I didn't correspond with anyone very well, and I certainly didn't step up the blogging. THIS is exactly why I think making resolutions is stupid. Because you fail at them and then you feel shitty. So no resolutions for 2012. I KNEW I should stick to not making any, but now i have proof that they're a bad idea for me.

But wait, you say. What about the one you didn't mention? The gray hair one? Aha! The lazy option. The resolution that required me to do absolutely nothing except let my hair grow and fight the urge to change it. Yes, that one I stuck to. Because it was inordinately simple. Here are some photos of the carnage.

Look at all that gray hair. I swear it's at least one-third gray at this point, because every time I wear anything black and notice hair that's shed onto my shirt, about one-third of the time, that hair is long and thick and wonky and gray. The good thing is that my hair's curly, so it almost looks like highlights. That hair is such a different texture, it's sort of incredible, actually. It's really thick and sticks out in all directions. My father's hair is all silver and it's like a brillo pad sitting on top of his head. I think this is what genetics has in store for me: the human brillo pad, female version. RAD, I know.

It started out mostly at the temples, but it's spreading like wildfire, and now it's pretty much all over. But you know what? I almost kind of like it. I mean, I'm not young any more. not really. I look back at all those facebook photos posted of me from when I was in my early 20s and realize that I'm really not that girl any more at all. not even close. she was really pretty and thin and nice and naive and all of those things that 20-somethings should probably be. I'm a lot less of all of that. weighted down by literal extra pounds and the weight of experience. The laugh lines, frown lines, and all the lines in between. The hair is just an extra step in making me look like a WOMAN.

Some days, I embrace it. I love Alice's post about feeling sort of intimidating and enjoying it. She was, of course, the person who inspired me to let the gray go. I have days when I want to cry about how much I've changed, and I wonder if it's for the better or for the worse.

The day I took this one, I guess I was feeling better. You can see the streaks really starting from a distance, and I guess I felt fairly ok about it.

Are you going gray? Do you color your hair? Why or why not? Also, do you spell it gray or grey?
I must know.


The Bear and The Bug said...

Not too much gray here. I do highlight my hair and have for years now, but that's because my hair is and always has been fine and thin. Highlighting gives it more depth and makes it appear less flat. Oh and because the highlights mainly make it look blonde, they don't show anyway, they just look blonde. And mine aren't gray, they are white! Ick. And I usually spell it gray, but our style at work is grey.
Okay, I think that's enough rambling for one day.

Mark said...

I've had grey on top since I was 16 or so. Never much, and it continues that way. Now my beard is a different story. When I was younger (as I refuse to refer to myself as old), I always had one streak of rust red hair in my beard, the same color as my father's hair. In the past few years, that streak of red has turned grey. And no, I don't color my hair.

Christine said...

I've always been committed to "embracing it" but it's still hard to see it happening. The first one that came in somewhere else than my head really set me back a ways...
I'd really mind it so much less if the silver ones (sounds prettier than grey) would just be the same as my other hair only silver. But no - the grey ones are horrible spastic twisty ones sproinging off my head and breaking off at about 4 inches long. This gives a distinctly witchy-poo effect and I worry where it's going. Here's where I want to paste in a photo of the Simpson's crazy cat lady or this:
Thanks for giving me a place to air my deep seated fears while appearing to be just fine with all of it to the world.

Anonymous said...

dude....get the F over's hair man! I have the grays like you as well...maybe not as many, but I do....and it adds a hint of me being distinguished....just a hint mind you as long curly brown hair with some gray in it is pretty crazy as it is. and sister, you are a beautiful person....check out daves grey spot on his head...he's had it since he was like a teenager....ha!